Happy Fish Owners!  (Shown with one of my tropical fish)

Videos of my Kinetic Fish Swimming in the Wind.

Nemo the Fish - Custom painted Nemo fish is $500

My kinetic fish swimming at the Indian Wells Art Festival in 2019

Green-Skippy in New Jersey.jpeg

My green Skippy swimming in New Jersey!!!

Here are three "Rusty's" swimming in the wind. Green, Yellow, and Orange.

Here's another video of Kinetic Fish Mobiles swimming in La Jolla, CA

Six Kinetic Fish in Rainbow Colors in Palm Springs, CA.

One of my green "Rusty" fish swimming in a blizzard.

Nemo Fish Sculpture, Kinetic Fish Sculpture

My "Nemo" fish - custom for a client. Custom Nemo fish is $500


Skippy swimming in Canada

Orange Rusty in Hawaii.jpg
Steelhead in Michigan Photo.JPG