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They "Swim" in the Wind!

Fish Swimming.JPG

It's just like having an aquarium in your own backyard, you can put my kinetic fish on your lawn, in your garden, behind the pool, near your pond, or even in a large pot.
They are made from steel and then are given a rusted patina to make them look natural in any setting or you can also get yours in color if you like: green, yellow, orange, red, or blue, etc.
Each fish is perfectly balanced on just one small point so that they happily swim in the wind, even with the slightest breeze, and they can withstand up to about a 45 mph wind!
Each fish comes with a four foot tall solid steel "fish-stick" (Pole) that you put in the ground. For shipping purposes, the poles are split into two easily assembled parts.
Get one fish, or if you want a school, start with three fish and grow from there!

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